Forex Trading Course London

Forex Trading Course

SetUpps™ Trading Academy is a forex trading course provider and was established in the beginning of the year 2020. After the sudden surprise of the Covid-19 pandemic put a halt to businesses, lives and humanity as a whole which led to sudden economic damage to most people we decided to share our knowledge with individuals who genuinely wanted to improve their lives and that of their families.

Trading the forex market can be extremely rewarding and some have become very successful but if not approached properly, can cause both financial and even worse emotional damage. This is why providing education has become our goal at SetUpps™ Trading.

Our Training Module

Our training course is a 1 week comprehensive course which will be taught in a classroom and will be in small groups. A full training day with lunch and refreshments provided.

The course comprises of 3 modules: {1} We teach you about Forex Trading in-house. {2} We teach you our special trading strategies. {3} Risk management, Trading Psychology and we recommend the right broker that suits your requirement.

Each module is packed with tonnes of information and there would be a live trading session on the last day of the course. After you have successfully completed your course we will be at the end of a phone/email to support you as you find your feet on the ground.

What You Will Receive After Completing This Forex Trading Course

You will receive after this forex trading course – 1. Certificate of Completion 2. The Trading Plan Booklet – Your EDGE to enter trades 3. Trading Journal Template 4. SetUpps™ Compounding Log Template 5. Log in Details to the Setupps™ Trading Systems on Tradingview 6. Risk and Money Management Package 7. You will be competent analyse the markets and confident enough to start taking trades 8. Mentoring Support – We will share our trading experiences (bad and good) with you so that you do not repeat what we did wrong but learn what we did right. We shall be there to support you throughout your first trading year.

The completion of this course will entitle you to lifetime discount of 50% towards any of our trading signals.

It is your choice whether you choose to trade on a part-time basis, full time or advance to become a professional trader. The sky is the limit!

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We would regularly update our blog page with contents to help enhance your trading experience. There may be recommendations, suggestions and/or advice on the forex exchange, stocks and crypto markets.

Forex Trading Course London
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