Frequently Asked Questions Forex Trading


Frequently Asked Questions

These are the frequently asked questions posed by our students and interested individuals.

Q. Is forex trading gambling?
A. Like stocks and shares, buying and selling currencies is not gambling. You are only gambling if you get into trading without educating yourself!

Q. Does the DM-130 EDGE signal work on MT4 or MT5 platforms?
A. It is available only on Tradingview. At present it is neither available on MT4 nor MT5 platforms yet. 

Q. Do the signals disappear?
A. No the signals do not disappear however if the market is indecisive or price is reverses suddenly after a signal has been triggered, then the signal might disappear and reappear when price continues in the original direction.

Q. What is the margin and margin percentage?
A. The margin is the portion of your capital which you used to enter a particular trade. The margin percentage is the percentage available to trade with.

Q. What is a Stop Loss?
A. A trader places a Stop Loss to protect their trade from loosing more than they have budgeted. It can be set and will end the trade as soon as it is hit. 

Q. Is the Stop Loss set to a particular amount?
A. When the signal appears on the charts, set your Stop Loss by -/+ 0.00050 (minus 5 pips if buying/ plus 5 pips in selling) 

Q. Is the Stop Loss the same for all users of the DM-130 EDGE when it appears on or under the candlestick?
A. Yes. The Stop Loss is based on the generated signal on or under that particular candlestick, regardless of when you entered a trade.

Q. What is the Take Profit level?
A. The DM-130 EDGE signals give at least 10 pips during the UK trading session (8am – 5pm) but we recommend a target of 20 pips per signal.

Q. Can I trade outside these hours?
A. I would recommend trading only during these hours even though it has proved to be successful outside these hours.

Q. Do you offer free trial? 
A. At our discretion we may offer a FREE trial for a limited period.

Q. Would you recommend any trading books?
A. A must-read for anyone taking up trading is Trading In The Zone by Mark Douglas.

Q. I work full time and do not have the time to sit behind the computer all day. What if the signal does not appear at all in the day?
A. You can set an alert to your mobile device so you can trade even when you are out and about. Alternatively you can try the MD-11 EDGE for swing trading!

Q. Do you teach how to trade without using your signals?
A. Yes we do. We can teach you how to become a consistent profitable forex trader.

Frequently Asked Questions Forex Signals

If your question is not present in the above frequently asked questions then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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